A Background in Developing the Future

Otorix is a Swedish based innovation company that was founded in 2004 by Patrik Westerkull, who has been a leading innovator in the field of bone conduction hearing for more than two decades. Otorix is an innovative platform for exploring new research and developments and is not offering any commercial products for sale. The Otorix team includes qualified research and development engineers in multiple specialties. Otorix is based in Askim in the south of Gothenburg.

Patrik is the inventor of the unique new adhesive bone conduction concept, which is a completely new type of concept and a breakthrough in this field. For the first time in history, children and adults will enjoy a non-surgical solution that can be comfortably and discretely used during the entire day thanks to the research and development from Otorix. The new adhesive bone conductor, ADHEAR, is now a product of MED-EL Medical Electronics, Innsbruck, Austria.
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”We are proud of ADHEAR to be a MED-EL product and it offers great opportunities for both further developments and to reach out with this treatment around the world”

-Patrik Westerkull

In previous research projects Otorix developed the basis and unique solutions for an improved implant based bone anchored hearing concept, Ponto system. This project that formed the original foundation of Otorix in 2004 was sold to Oticon A/S, Copenhagen, in 2006 and was made available to patients and clinicians 2009 and it is a very successful treatment around the world, helping noumerous people to a better life quality. The Oticon Medical head office is based in Askim in the south of Gothenburg.
Patrik Westerkull has also been a driver in the development of the BAHA bone anchored hearing system during the 90s as head of the Hearing Division of Nobel Biocare and from this he founded Entific Medical Systems in 1999 together with Nobel Biocare. Entific was acquired by Cochlear corp., Sydney, in 2005 and BAHA is now a product system of Cochlear corp. The BAHA head office of Cochlear is based in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg.
These bone anchored solutions are offering decisive life quality improvements for hundreds of thousands of users around the world every day. It is making a true difference.
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Patrik holds a Master’s of Science in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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